1v1LB is Recruiting Staff!


1v1LB has entered Season Seven and has several upcoming features and projects being released soon. Along with this massive ramp up for the website, we're going to need help from the community to keep it as great as it can be!

1v1LB Staff is searching for members from the community to support and take some positions that can get you involved with helping other players, promoting and utilizing your talents, and increasing the growth of the website.

Here is what we are looking for:

[*]Graphic Designers
[*]Shoutcasters for Commentaries
[*]Livestreamers or Twitch users to be featured on our streaming page
[*]Referees (Authorized witnesses to help get disputes done fairly, eventually move to Moderator)
[*]Representatives (Promote growth of 1v1LB using several methods and compensated on success)
[*]Bilingual Players to join staff (Preferably Spanish speaking)
[*]Bloggers and Content Writers
[*]Directors (Featured in TV Section and Youtube Page, otherwise known as a Youtuber)

If you are interested in joining staff and supporting this rapidly growing community, you are encouraged to contact us via any forms of communication found below. Make sure to introduce yourself well and explain in detail how you can improve this community. Staff members receive benefits that will soon be revealed on 1v1LB, and also receive free Elite membership. The occasional gift card is also rewarded for work.

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Private Message DariuL or Achilles

Keep up to date with tournament wins and updates during live matches by following us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/1v1LB

Follow us on Twitch for livestream of tournament matches: http://www.twitch.tv/1v1lb/profile

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oDropzei 1 year ago

Can i be a refree

Im Hisoka 1 year ago

Designer but PM, I have another idea

the trapper 1 year ago

May i please become a ref

MindOfSorroh 1 year ago

I would want to become a ref. I do not dislike anyone in this community so it would be equal

Last Life 2 years ago

I want to become a referee.

Rekt1v1s 2 years ago

I want to become a refferee

Zapsi 2 years ago

I wanna become a referee

Hazard 2 years ago

I am interested in becoming a staff member I have already emailed u

Trail 2 years ago

I'm here

MarCS 2 years ago

What are the requirements to be a commentator? I have experience in commentary irl and would be interested in being a commentator. I also can referee as i have been in the 1v1 community since 2010 as a player and spectator.

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