King of the Hill Feature

We're happy to introduce a new installment to the website that will improve the competitive environment for everyone to compete in and make things a bit more exciting!

Our King of the Hill Feature grants a crown to a random top player at the beginning of every season, and the community gets to vote on our polls who the king will match up against every week. If a player defeats the king, they take the crown and become the King.

If you'd like the opportunity to compete for King of the Hill, you may enable yourself on any game ladder that offers the feature, and your username will be entered into the polls for anyone registered on 1v1LB to vote for you. Every Saturday night, the player with the highest amount of votes will be selected to face off against the crown holder. This is a mandatory game, and will count as a regular win/loss towards your normal record. Please take this into consideration before enabling yourself as it will remain enabled for the remainder of the season.

You have less than 7 days to complete the match after it has been announced Saturday night. A 1v1LB Staff Member must be present during the match for it to be official, unless authorized by 1v1LB Staff. Update administrators on your status and your opponent's status to acknowledge that you are active and ready to compete. Failure to report status or make contact with your opponent or a staff member by the end of the week will result in a loss. 

Benefits of King

  • If you are not in the top qualifying ranks but possess the crown by the season deadline to compete in the Season Championship, you are automatically entered into the qualifying brackets by default as #8 seed or #16 seed (lowest ranking seed)

  • You receive a free edited video from our editors to be featured on the website and 1v1LB's Youtube channel. Posted every week.

Here is a video of Week 1 on Black Ops 2 from xNuketown, our lead editor, and HoVa.


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Yumbu 2 years ago

i wannna play KOTH for a LB upload

Onyx_Lox 2 years ago

I added both admins in Skype waiting for a reply I'm currently in line to play 720 on bo2 KOTH


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