Greetings, 1v1LB. With a new and improved 1v1LB coming up on the horizon, we are looking to expand our staff. If you want to grow with us and hone your talents and knowledge to benefit the community and yourself, you are welcome to join our team and represent 1v1LeaderBoards.

Here's a list of what we are looking for:

Directors: Content creators (Youtubers) who upload consistently and have a professional looking channel. Directors receive priority upload to 1v1LB's Youtube channel and will get collaboration with 1v1LB's team for any help they need. 1v1LB will promote your content on our social media platforms and help you with any other things you need to get yourself out there. You can act as a sponsored individual or title yourself as a director! As long as 1v1LB's name is carried with you on your videos.

Editors: Pick the best edit you've made that represents your style and talent. You will be in charge of receiving tournament matches to edit, King of the Hill matches and various other 1v1s to edit such as tournament finals and semifinals with top ranked players. 1v1LB Editors get exclusive priority upload privilege to the 1v1LB Youtube Channel. This is the only way to get content uploaded on our platform. We look forward to seeing your edits!

Twitch Livestreamers: Need to be Twitch active and produce high quality streams. You don't have to necessarily stream ranked matches only (although, we do prefer it). You can play other games if you like i.e Dark Souls, GTA V, Destiny, etc. Exposure rewarded through our TV app and a 1v1LB Sponsorship. If you are looking for a place to start and grow your audience, then this is the perfect place to begin!

Graphic Designers: Have a portfolio to show us. Can create thumbnails along with slider artworks for articles. Will receive compensation in the form of money and exposure. This is a contracted/compensated position. We pay our designers for good and speedy work.

Competitive Team: We're seeking a team of players who regularly compete on UMG or Gamebattles type events to represent 1v1LB. This team will be in charge of competing on other websites with 1v1LB's name. 1v1LB will assist in providing any resources necessary to help accomplish competitive goals.

Referees: Members with a history of good behavior or reputation of low trash talking will be taken in immediately. Please notify us what you play the most. Being a referee, you'll act as an authorized witness to be able to report outcomes of ranked matches to moderators/admins to solve disputes right away. You cannot referee your own matches. Please let us know what games and consoles you play the most. Referees will eventually move up to Moderators after great behavior and effort is shown!

Ambassador: This position varies. If you are a great promoter/advertiser, you have an easy influence to help 1v1LB grow, or have other skills/talents/knowledge to bring to the website that can help us diversify and improve the community for everyone, this is for you. Pitch your ideas to us!

All members of the 1v1LB Team receive FREE ELITE MEMBERSHIP.

So if you or anyone you know is interested in becoming part of our staff, contact us at [email protected] We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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iPxlsionQlf 1 day ago

what's the team?

ICantLose 4 months ago

I want to be a referee I don't have a reputation of good behavior because I'm not known (lol) but I despise trash talking so I would really look forward to becoming a ref

Viperr 5 months ago

I want to become a Ref preferably MWR and BO2 I have positive rep and believe I can do well as a ref

Daisy22 5 months ago

Hello admin! I want to join your team,may i know the qualification of this post .

Txpzi 6 months ago

Ambassador or referee...

Berda 6 months ago


Susuko Jr 6 months ago

and Ambassador

Susuko Jr 6 months ago

im going for ref

oTelepathy 6 months ago

Ill be a ref for teams

External 6 months ago

I'll be an ambassador.

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