PRO LEAGUE | $1000 CASH PRIZE POOL | COD: Remastered Xbox One

1v1PL (short for 1v1 Pro League), is a new system of ranks, where standings are based on win/loss records throughout a 7 week period of time, concluding with playoffs.

We've been waiting so long to announce this, and it will definitely the most competitive league we've ever created. Below you can find the general guideline on what Pro League is, and how YOU can enter to be the first ever Pro 1v1ers and win some huge cash.

How To Enter

  • Invited by 1v1LB 

  • Requirements to be invited:

    • Active

    • History of wins against other top players

    • History of good sportsmanship (Compliant with rules, no bans or DQs)

    • Ready to dedicate time for 8 matches through the course of 8 weeks

      • Matches will be mandatory, and rescheduling will be rare

    • Simply ask a 1v1LB Staff Admin if you can join

How it Works

  • 8 Pro 1v1ers will be scheduled with 7 matches through the course of 7 weeks. Dates and times of matches are subject to change during the season.

    • Every match must be recorded by a staff member. Video highlights with edits and full games will be posted every week.

  • At the end of the 7 weeks, the top 4 players with the best record will be entered into a final tournament, the Playoffs, the week after Pro League season has concluded.

  • The 4 Player tournament, comprised of 3 matches, will decide final placement in the season. Final match will be best of 5 games.

  • Cash Prizes from a prize pool of $1000 will be rewarded to the players based on placement.

Rules and Regulations

  • Pro League Players will receive a custom logo from 1v1LB if they do not already have a professional logo to represent them

    • Logos will be your way of being recognized on video highlights, social media posts, and on the website standings

  • Free For All and Objective Gametypes

  • - Shipment - Free For All, Hardpoint, Domination, HQ

  • - Bog - Free For All, Hardpoint

  • - Showdown - Hardpoint

  • Radar must always be on. Spawntrapping always allowed.

  • All standard 1v1LB rules and Code of Conduct apply.

[*]Staff Member must be in-game to record the match. Spectators must be authorized by staff member only to continue match. Closed lobby.
[*]Must complete the entire season and all matches successfully, win or lose, to receive any participation award at the end of the Pro League Season
[*]Violating any 1v1LB rules or not complying with scheduled matches will result in being barred from future Pro League seasons

Prize Pool
1st Place - $500 (Playoffs Finals Champion)
2nd Place - $250 (Playoffs Finals)
3rd Place - $100(Playoffs)
4th Place - $75 (Playoffs)
5th Place - $50
6th Place - $25
7th and 8th - $0

The 4 lowest ranked players in standings at end of season will play in a separate tournament to compete for a $75 prize pool.

When does Pro League start?

PRO LEAGUE is set to commence January 7th, 2017. Get ready.

Start competing on the Modern Warfare Remastered Xbox One ranks today to increase your chances of joining. Click here to sign up.

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Shipment.... great.... someone's going to get 35 pieced.


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