1v1PL (short for 1v1 Pro League), is a new system of ranks, where standings are based on win/loss records throughout a 5 week period of time, concluding with playoffs.

All matches will be livestreamed.

How To Enter

  • Invited by 1v1LB 

  • Requirements to be invited:

    • Active

    • History of wins against other top players

    • History of good sportsmanship (Compliant with rules, no bans or DQs)

    • Ready to dedicate time for 5 matches through the course of 5 weeks

      • Matches will be mandatory, and rescheduling will be rare

    • Simply ask a 1v1LB Staff Admin if you can join

    • Win the Pro League Qualifier tournament that is free to enter here

How it Works

  • 8 Pro 1v1ers will be scheduled with 5 matches through the course of 5 weeks. Dates and times of matches are subject to change during the season.

    • Every match must be recorded by a staff member. Video highlights with edits and full games will be posted every week.

  • Matches will be randomized and scheduled through the season and livestreamed. Players will receive Home and Away (First pick of game settings) on different weeks.

  • At the end of the 5 weeks, the top 4 players with the best record will be entered into a final tournament, the Playoffs, the week after Pro League season has concluded.

  • The 4 Player tournament, comprised of 3 matches, will decide final placement in the season. Final match will be best of 5 games.

  • Cash Prizes from a prize pool of at least $425

Rules and Regulations

  • Pro League Players will require an attractive looking logo to represent them.

  • Free For All and Objective Gametypes (Hardpoint and Domination)

  • - Nuketown- Raid- Carrier- Hijacked- Express- Standoff- Studio- Slums

  • Radar must always be on. Spawntrapping always allowed.

  • All standard 1v1LB rules and Code of Conduct apply.

[*]Staff Member must be in-game to record the match. Spectators must be authorized by staff member only to continue match. Closed lobby.
[*]Must complete the entire season and all matches successfully, win or lose, to receive any participation award at the end of the Pro League Season/
[*]Violating any 1v1LB rules or not complying with scheduled matches will result in being barred from future Pro League seasons/
[*]Standard 1v1LB Rules apply.

Prize Pool
1st Place - $200 (Playoffs Finals Champion)
2nd Place - $125 (Playoffs Finals)
3rd Place - $75(Playoffs)
4th Place - $25 (Playoffs)

When does Pro League start?

PRO LEAGUE is set to commence May 6th, 2017. Get ready.

Start competing on the Black Ops 2 Xbox ranks today to increase your chances of joining. Click here to sign up.

Contact Us

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