European 1v1 Ranks are here!

1v1LeaderBoards is happy to introduce 1v1 ranks for the European community!

The ranks that are available are listed below:



New Staff Members

In addition to the new ranks, we're very thankful for the support of Sazuro and Hazuno. They will be moderators for, and will be helping to manage your disputes and other questions to make this a better experience for you.

$100 Black Ops 2 Tournament PS3

As of now, Black Ops 2 Playstation 3 ranks for EU will be the only ranks receiving a season championship with a $100 (USD) Cash Prize Pool. First place champion of the tournament will receive $75 (USD). Second place will receive $25 (USD).

All ranks will reset on January 7th. To qualify for the tournament season championship, you must be in the top 8 ranks by that date. The Season Championship tournament to compete for the prize will be January 13th. You can view all details of the Season Championship rules here.

We are so excited to see the new faces and elite players from across the world come together.

Thank you, and if you have any questions please contact DariuL, Sazuro, or Hazuno.

You can check out Sazuro and Hazuno's Facebook page to find 2000+ other 1v1ers from Europe to play with below:

Check out Sazuro's Youtube Channel below:

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