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The long awaited new installment of Call of Duty is here.. Black Ops 3.

1v1LB has developed the official competitive sniping rules for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and has released the ranks for Xbox One. Sign up here.

The first ranked match EVER has taken place already and an edited video has been uploaded on this blog. oPoD prevailed over JODMEISTER with a 2-0 to take first place on the ranks!


It seems Nuketown may very well have some spawntrapping that is still waiting to be discovered. We will see as more ranked matches occur and the map is more thoroughly explored.

You can view the rules to the official Competitive Sniping Rules for Black Ops 3 here.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on rules, please contact DariuL.

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Scrapyard Qs 2 years ago

This is a brand new game guys. Everyone is starting fresh. I encourage everyone to try out the rankings

Loves 2 years ago

I have a Xbox One. I do have to money too buy BO3. But I'm not going too simply because I know I'm gonna lose.


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