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  • What is 1v1LeaderBoards?

    1v1LeaderBoards' seeks to bring together and provide an optimal, competitive gaming experience for 1v1 communities on all platforms through seasons, different game titles and ladders, tournaments, competitive rankings, and community. You can read more in depth about 1v1LB by clicking here.
  • How do I register?

    You can register for free by going to the top left of the page and clicking “Register” on the right of “Log In”, or you can just go directly by clicking here.
  • How much does it cost?

    Registering is completely free. 1v1LB provides several features and accessibility to all registered members.

    Elite membership will be installed soon, with some exclusive features such as priority dispute resolutions, custom profile art, and much more that will be revealed upon release. Otherwise, everything is pretty much free.
  • Why should I register?

    By registering an account, you’ll have access to all of 1v1LB, such as competing on rankings, signing up for tournaments, and being able to communicate with other 1v1ers through forums or the shoutbox.
  • Where can I sign up for ranks?

    Once registered, you can sign up for any ranks on our available game titles and ladders. We currently support Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and Playstation 3.

    Other consoles and game ladders will be installed in due time, but if you have any suggestions you’d like to see added then please post in the forums or send a detailed email to [email protected]
  • Will my information be safe?

    Yes. All of your information is protected on the terms of our Privacy Policy.

My Account

  • Where do I add or change my Gamertag or PSN?

    You can change your in-game name on any console by going to the top left and clicking on your username, and then Edit Profile.
  • How do I delete my account?

    We cannot delete your account, unfortunately. If you do not wish to use your account, simply sign out and do not log back in.
  • How do I change my username?

    As of now, you may change your username by sending an email with a valid reason, current username, and new username (must be available) to [email protected] Eventually, 1v1LB plans to charge a fee for username changes.
  • How do I change my password?

    You may change your password by going to the top left and clicking on your username, then Edit Profile. In the Control Panel, you will find the option to change your password. You can also click here to be directed to the page.


  • How do Seasons work?

    Seasons are currently scheduled by 1v1LB Staff and are announced ahead of time through social media and article posts containing all rules and how to qualify for the Season Championship Tournament on the front page.

    At the beginning of every season, all ranks across 1v1LB are reset entirely. You will be required to sign up on the ranks again once a season is reset. Everyone starts fresh with a new record for that ladder, but still maintain their all time wins/losses/points on their profile. If you wish to view previous season ranks, you can click on the arrow below the current ranks and switch back to any season you like.

    To enter a Season Championship, you must qualify by maintaining a certain rank throughout the season, or you must the last one holding the King of the Hill Crown. Tournament brackets will then be published with a random matchup of qualifying players to compete for Hall of Fame and a cash prize.

    Seasons are typically cycled 6 to 8 weeks long, but 1v1LB will soon release a yearly schedule for season deadlines and Championship Tournament dates, and the length of seasons will be shorted to 5-6 weeks.
  • What is Reputation? How do I use it?

    Reputation is a positive or negative rating that any player can give you, along with a comment on why they gave it to you. You may see your Reputation by going to the top left of the page and clicking your username to View Profile. There will be a Reputation tab below on all players’ profiles. You can leave ratings by viewing their profile. Abuse of this may result in a ban.
  • Where can I view the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

    Click here for Terms of Service. Click here for Privacy Policy.
  • What can I get banned for?

    Bans are implemented on a user when in violation of our rules or Terms of Service. Bans are reviewed and issued by moderators/admins, and vary depending on the number of violations and severity of the violation.

    All bans display a reason and duration. If you are ever banned and feel something is wrong, email [email protected] and it will be sorted out. If you are banned for a long duration, please email [email protected] with a valid reason to lift the ban.

How to Compete

  • What is a Ranked Match? How do I see my current matches?

    A ranked match is a matchup that has been accepted between two players on 1v1LB through a direct challenge or a match finder post. Game, settings, and other information on the match will be presented to you before you decide to accept it.

    You can view all current ranked matches, pending challenges, and disputes by going to the top left of the page and clicking on My Matches.
  • How do I challenge a player?

    • You can search and challenge a player in many ways, as long as you are both signed up on the specific ranks for the game you wish to play them on.
    • At the bottom right is an orange box you can click that opens up a shortcut to search a player by typing their name and allows you to challenge them.
    • You can also challenge a player by going to the ranks you wish to compete on, clicking the Match Finder tab, and searching their username below Match Finder.
    • Another way to challenge a player is by viewing their profile, selecting the Games tab, and you may click challenge on any of the games it is visible for.
  • What is the Match Finder and how is it used?

    Our Match Finder feature allows you to post an anonymous challenge with your selected game and settings. This post will expire within an hour. Any player signed up on the specific ranks can accept your match finder post. You can also see other players posting matches on the same page that allows you to create them.
  • Where are the Rules for the Game I am playing?

    Every game has a set of rules and regulations in order to prevent cheating. You can find the rules for a game on its respective game title page, underneath the tab Rules.
  • How do I report scores?

    You can report scores by going to the top left of the page and clicking My Matches. The Matches tab displays ranked matches in progress and need a submission of scores. If you win or lose, you are required to report the results immediately after the ranked match has ended. Failure to report scores honestly may result in a ban.

    If you reported that you have won your match, your opponent has 24 hours to report a win, loss, or dispute. If 24 hours passes, you will be given the automatic win.

    If your opponent reports that they won the ranked match and you do not report anything in 24 hours, you will receive a loss for that match. You are responsible for your matches and reporting correctly and on time. Be alert.

    If your opponent attempts to report scores early and without playing you, please immediately dispute and state very clearly that the ranked match did not occur. 1v1LB Staff reviews all disputes, and if the match truly did not happen, then your opponent does not have any valid proof to support their claim, which may result in their ban.
  • How long do I have to wait before I play the same person again?

    To better prevent any cheating or abuse of the ranks, we limit challenging the same player to once a week.


  • What is a Dispute? How do I get it resolved?

    A dispute is when a player reports claims of any issues, violations, or cheating on a ranked match. Within 24 hours, a moderator or admin from 1v1LB Staff reviews all disputes and resolve them by strictly following our rules which we will provide to you a list of instructions below on how to make disputes easier for yourself and Staff. False disputes are bound to happen at some point, even by accident. You are responsible for taking action on the dispute and prove that you won the match if you wish to receive the win for it.
    • Never leave your dispute reason blank. 1v1LB Staff sees this as a failed attempt, and in some cases, a false dispute, which can lead to a ban. The win will be given to the player with the best explanation. In rare cases, if both players seem to have wrongly disputed or have no clear explanations, the match may be deleted. We do not want to give an unfair win/loss without any reason and jeopardize the ranks of other players on the ladder which they have earned.
    • Be clear and concise. Even if you have no proof, the more details you can provide relating to the match from start to finish greatly increases your chances of winning the dispute.
    • You will have boxes to link us any visible proof, such as video or pictures of the scores, the violation that occurred, or anything else that can help you. In your explanation, please detail exactly what the links show. If it is a full length video, please make it easier on 1v1LB Staff to resolve your dispute by leaving a timestamp
    • Be appropriate. Leave trash talking and other irrelevant information out of the dispute.
    Abusing the dispute feature without having any detailed reasoning, valid proof, or other evidence with your claims will result in a ban. If a player wins a dispute against you and it is clear that you did not report honestly, that may result in a ban.
  • When will my dispute get resolved?

    Within 24 hours of reporting your dispute and reasoning, 1v1LB Staff will have it resolved. The sooner you report your dispute, the safer you will be. If for some reason you need more time to upload your proof or make a good explanation, please address so in detail and a moderator may consider letting the dispute sit for a little longer.
  • How do I get proof?

    Being ready to capture proof and have something ready whenever you play a ranked match is highly recommended in the event a dispute is claimed against you.

    Below are several ways to capture proof of your ranked matches.
    • Capture Card Recording: You may use an external capture card to save your recording and upload to a video sharing site such as Youtube, or even Twitter.
    • Be clear and concise. Even if you have no proof, the more details you can provide relating to the match from start to finish greatly increases your chances of winning the dispute.
    • Xbox One: No capture card is required. Simply double tap the Xbox button on your controller and press the X button. All recordings done this way are automatically uploaded to Xbox Clips and you may retrieve your proof there.
    • PS4: Your console automatically saves the last 15 minutes of gameplay and gives you the option to record manually by double tapping the share button. To access your recording simply click share on your controller. To upload your clip, click enter on the clip you wish to upload then select Youtube. You will need to link your Youtube account to your PSN Account in order to do this. We recommend trimming the video down to only the required clip to save on upload time.
    If the above is ever unavailable to you, you can use the camera on your phone to take a picture or video. This is the least recommended method, but anything helps!
  • What if my opponent’s in-game name like their Gamertag or PSN doesn’t match their profile on 1v1LB during a Ranked Match?

    We strongly suggest only playing your opponent if they are using the same in-game name as stated on their profile. This could lead to them abusing the dispute system. If this case arises, please make this clear to us in the dispute and it will be resolved appropriately. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact 1v1LB Staff or email [email protected]