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R.I.P Mr.PuppyMan. Relax in heaven.
In a world, where players camp to the death. One 1v1er must become the best. For thousands of years my tribe has raised countless of masters in the fighting style of won v Won Rushkwando. Our legacy, to overseige the campers, and arise a new rushkwando kingdom of the world.

I was handpicked by the elders to partake in a seven year long, grueling, dear death training regime. After barely scraping by to become the next warrior, the war had started. Campers were attacking our villages left and right. Barely leaving any survivors. Then, they made the fatal mistake of attacking my village. My family. My home. I, along with several other warriors, drove back the campers from our villages. They were fleeing with terror in their eyes.

Every 100 years my tribe brings life to a new young, brave, rushkwando master. To lead my tribe is my destiny, my soul purpose. 7 gruelling years out in the mountains of mount Groundgame, improving everyday on strategy and techniques. It was my vision to put this reign of campers to an end.

I the heir to the head of the tribe decided to stop this once and for all. I challenge the leader of the "I no Move" clan, our battle was fierce, this adversary was no regular foe. His camping was impressive, even though he and i knew that he camps because he needs to, he held his pride low and maintained his composure to camp for days on end if needed. The earth shook with every shot taken by each other, the village quietly watching, anticipating every move we were making. I had to use my new technique me and sensei have been working on, the "radar staff" with this, no camper will hide where i cant get them. After hours of chasing the head camper around the map for hours on end, the staff prevailed victorious.

The elder tribesman 'Nahkrin' was very impressed with my fighting skills. He saw great potential in me to become an elder. After proving myself, he formally inducted me into their ranks. Though the very threat of campers still loom in the air everday, I must focus onwards on how to improve my village. Making it bigger. Making it better. Making it to where anyone can come to our village, and find hope and peace and prosperity.
RLDZ has LW on me.
About Me
Im the Imitator, intimidator, simulator of data, Eliminater.Theres never been a greater Moderator!
Official 1v1LB Ref.(7/25/2016)
Official 1v1LB Mod.(10/30/16)
Contact me through private Nahkrin.
with any questions, concerns you have with 4R matches and with Nahkrin the site.
If i cant ref your game
show me proof of the games and ill do my best to help you get the win, if you deserve it.
Im a very straight minded, unbiased person.
Quick Tip:
If you have photo proof, go to postimage.org to turn Nahkrin them into links.
Jorge= Horhay
If you camp, you know you cant take the hands. *cough* You know you you are.*cough*
MWR/IW/BO3/BO1 on xbox 1.
I mostly play BO2.
I hate nuketown.
11th Global Nahkrin Rank on LB.
Former #1 BO2 1v1lb.com season 6
Former #1 BO2 NST/HOF Best1v1erslb
Former #1 BO2 NST Top1v1s.com/tk
1st staff member with 70 rep. I love you all.
There is no other possible way of saying this, if you need to camp you know that your opponent would beat you playing normal. But instead you take your chances and camp longer than you can last in bed with someone. Nobody camps on players they know they can beat. Nobody camps on randoms lol, only against players they know they are not better then. Its easy to lie and say the reason to camp is to "play smart", LIES I TELL YOU...LIES. Your scared
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