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Basically I'm a legend. Not the type of legend that thinks he's the best or the type that never loses a game, I'm the type of legend you use when finding something on a map. I'm always straightforward, point you in the right direction, and will help you out in any way I can. I've played COD competitively since 2009. My best game is MW2 and I will forever hate that its field with nubs now. You will never catch me camping unless I'm camped on first or unless I'm online.

Some things about me.
~I was recently engaged with my high school sweetheart.
~I do martial arts and I'm a 2nd degree black belt in Wing Chun and first degree black belt in
Mouy Thai.
~People tend to view me as a leader.
~I was never that popular but the friends I've had over the years have been there since grade school.
~I eat ramen noodles more then any other food.
~Probably the only person on this site to let there junior beat them 4R, and I can stay mad about it.
~I'm really chill as long as you are.
~My top 1v1r will always remain Relxa when he was in his prime.
~Nuketown is my second worst 1v1ing map.
~I played point guard on the varsity team all four years of highschool.
~I get cold very easily. I think I'm cold blooded.
~I have never met my mom.
~My dad is just like wubzei... he left me at 5.
~I have many corny jokes like the one above as wubzei and myself have never played 4P or 4R.
~When we did play was in his prime 4F and he beat me 50-32 and ill stay mad about it.

I have latest win on...
SellToast 1nD 50-1 4P (he refused to have neutral host and wouldn't let anyone besides me him and Artx watch and he had game recording off)., SellArtx 2-1 he wouldn't play the third ground game map. but on nuketown I won 50-1. those are the only 1v1rs I currently don't like so ill only mention those. LW 4P STAY MAD HAHAHAHA.
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