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Skype: Live:cacous9
Kik: SwaagJawhnsin
Snapchat: Jawhnsin

Nobody knows more about Standoff than I do. Anyone wanna be my Jr? I can teach you how to play groundgame maps. Stuff like the wallbangs, advantage spots, when to rush certain areas, and of course the spawntraps. I know basically every trap on every groundgame map and basically every map for that matter. Don't have to be my Jr to learn what I have to teach. Don't be so swelled up with pride that you're not willing to learn from someone like me. Even if I don't win all my games, that doesn't mean I don't have anything to teach.

I will never challenge the Blue Vans on Standoff and you can stay your ass mad about it.

Headglitch me, I'll headglitch you back, and be better at it.

Here's how people play these days: Sit behind something you can't shoot through and jumpshot over it. They think that's groundgame. They think that equates to a smart playstyle. They run from one headglitch to another, get a kill, and pass it off as them being a superior player. Countless times I've lost because someone jumps over a headglitch and considers that a type of skillful playing. All because your kill wasn't a trap doesn't mean you killed them with groundgame. It's honestly an epidemic that kids decide to wait and hide until they go in for an ambush instead of rushing their opponent and relying on their shot, and or their skill level. It's actually pretty sad that 1v1s are basically just games with camp-offs, jumping over something for the majority of their kills, and hitting traps on groundgame maps. You play me like a bitch, I'm not moving.

Hope if we play, you guys enjoy yourselves as much as I do!

Don't challenge me Nuketown as I won't accept it. Ever. I will NEVER play Nuketown for rank or for post and I will never make exceptions due to someone else's input; I'll only play Nuketown as part of a series if I CHOOSE to. I will only ever play Nuketown for fun or not at all. If anyone ever posts a game on me on Youtube and it's on Nuketown you'll know it's for fun. Either GG Only or not at all.

Any "metal" band whose fanbase is primarily 12-15 year old girls and the band members have swoopy emo hair with whiny girly as fuck clean vocals are not metal. They will never BE metal. I hate that real metal is pussified like this. It's absolutely garbage and doesn't deserve the spotlight it's given.

I'm going back to playing RPG's and hack-n-slash games so if I have that magnificent latest win, It'll be like that until either I come back (with a shot), or when the universe ends.

>Beaten the top players in Heroxity family (Heroxity, Heroxity Bro, I Versxce I, Heroxity Jr)
>Beaten the top players in the iTunes family
>Got to top 15 without playing a single Nuketown game 4R
>Made Standoff traps popular (And made a bunch, too)
>Known for legendary wallbangs in my prime
>Never had a radar line
>Always said I wasn't going to move then rushed 2 minutes later
>Was the best roaster in the community in 2016
>Best motherfucking Halo Reach 1v1er on this fxcking website
>Considered to be one of THE best ground game players of 2016
>I owned Hijacked in my prime
>Almost never hit pieces
>Almost never lost while neither player was camping
>Considered to be top 10 best Hijacked and Standoff players in my prime
>Only cared about Hijacked and Standoff
>Only lost to kids under the age of 13 (Vurxtra, Durxtion, Venedax) because they camped me and anyone who knows them all agree I was and is a better player
>Never lost a dispute
>One of the funniest 1v1'ers in 2016
>Never moved off of headglitches
>One of the most honest players in the community
>You're not going to read any of this and I'll stay mad about it

Because I'm bored and people need to be enlightened, here's all the Metal genres and sub-genres I know:

Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden) - Power Metal (Dragonforce) - Symphonic Metal (Nightwish) - Doom Metal - Beatdown - Brutal Death Metal (Abnormity) - Goregrind - Grindcore - Pornogrind - Deathgrind - Deathcore (Suicide Silence) - Metalcore (The Devil Wears Prada)- Melodic Metalcore - Melodic Death Metal (Rise to Fall) - Death Metal (Dawn of Demise) - Gothic Metal (Unsun) - Post-Hardcore (Sleeping With Sirens) - Black Metal - Melodic Black Metal - Crossover Thrash - Thrash Metal (Megadeth) - Cyber Metal (Sybreed) - Industrial Metal (Deathstars) - Nu-Metal (Korn) - Djent (Periphery) - Progressive Metal - Atmospheric Ambient - Sludge Metal (Admiral Angry) - Electronic Metal (Celldweller) - Math Metal (The Algorithm) - Technical Death Metal - Nordic Metal (Norther) - Folk Metal - Aliencore (Rings of Saturn)

Best and smartest Yu-Gi-Oh! player on 1v1lb. Dueling Network username: SwaagJawhnsin.

People who have latest on me:

Nude Camos, Hexstra, Envy Your Lord, Vurxtra, Daxterity

People I have latest on:

Heroxity, Hyriphy, AmP Zimmer,oCrazei, Trapxng, Hostxng, Rojiu, Sojiu Jr, Relxyin II, Vurxtra II, Studio Trxps, nG Viperr, WrC Crying, Gaokao, Trapz Smoove, Genxrate, FFA Traps + 40 other people I can't remember because they aren't important. At all. To anyone.

Best Maps in Order

BO2: Hijacked, Standoff, Studio, Raid, Carrier, Express, Nuketown

MW2: Terminal, Highrise, Rust, Scrapyard

Highest BO2 Piece: 24 (LOL)

Highest MW2 Piece: 10

I'm an incredibly smart player with a horribly inaccurate shot. If you're infront of me, only 35% of the time will I kill you; if you're behind a wall, there's a good 70-80% chance I'll kill you.

I started in late 2014 and never played anyone good because everyone who was good either quit when I started or didn't take me seriously enough to play them.

I always report scores and never dispute unless given a good reason. I always say GG and I can take a loss even if I'm low-key buttmad about it.

Other Gamertags:

My Settlements

Roastxng 1v1ers (Deleted)

BodyBagzei (Deleted)

Dwxrfism (Deleted)

I've never been skunked in a 4R or a 4P match. Only had my ankles broken 4 times during my entire career.

Used to be a pub-stomper.

Best eyebrows of 2016.

I'm 20 and sound like I'm 14. I'm 20 and look like I'm 16.

MW2 1v1er's love to camp me on BO2.

People (That have latest) I've only lost to because of camping:

Envy Your Lord
Xro 1v1r

Considered by a lot of the 1v1 community to be trash even though I'm a relatively decent player who's not only underrated, but constantly scrutinized due to either play-style, attitude, or legendary Youtube comments. Hated for some odd reason even though I'm literally chill with everyone.

I have an El Gato. I've had it for 2 years and never recorded a fucking thing with it. Lmfao.

Favorite quotes:

When camping: "I'm not moving, I have the rest of my fucking life."

When rushing: "You're never getting rushed you stupid bitch I'M NOT MOVING."

When doing anything (including losing): "I don't know what could have possibly made you think you can step up to me like this."

When getting roasted by 5 year old kids (Vurxtra, Durxtion): "I don't know man, that's pretty wrong."

Favorite roasts:

To Steroiz: "You wore a suicide vest to your school pictures. Also, African Bush Tribe people live in your eyebrows and forage berries."

To Vurxtra: "He's so fat his fat rolls get stuck in escalator treads and is so Canadian he's homeschooled by snowmen."

To Chroma Expert: "This kid is Bowlcut Beaver, the Brown Town butt banana bandit."

To Genxrate: "What was it like riding Dinosaurs you ancient piece of shit."

To Nebzei: "His face literally looks like oatmeal with raspberries in it."

To Ryzist: "His tornado hairline is ridiculous. His hairline looks like a Hurricane Formation on a weather channel."

KYS yourself.

Honorable mentions:

Ryzist can't spell to save his life.


[tru luv]
... Imma gunna find tru luv, AND YU CANT STOP MREEH!!11 >=O
in fact, i's so dedicated to tru luuv that muurder and ending the wooorld just to be with my one tru luv iz a small chore~
humhumm YunoGasai dun diddly already did the above =3= phoey, i's outclassed, darn!
(TRULOV) is the sacred promise "Togeether, Foreever, No matter what". Every other visage of "loove" is a mirage, a lie, deceit, fiilthy deefacing! A FORGERY! A KNOCK-OFF!
(R0MANCE) is the action of, proving TRULOV, through saacrifice, paain, triaals, and other efforty ways
(DEVOTION) is the action of, turning your back on frieeends, faamily, career, belieefs, the entire humaan raace, moorals... Just to pursue your goal.
i'z devoted to romaanticaally being tru luv :3 can't devote to two things >w> so ima be devoted to one person.. cum (inside) and get me? o3o

hushy wushy bluushy wordies! ... woofies? cooties! ... cuties?.. foxie foooffs ^owo^
iunno, cute words n whispers in your ear? >w> ... iunno, tentacleees are so snuggly~ <3
You can tie a rope to me and make me yours forever~ I can be Yo-your toy~
The yo yo... is a cuute toy that always comes back <3 and is on a leash anyway~ Nya.
d-devotion .A. ... luuuv, looyalty, faithfuulness, fideelity, commitmeent, allegiance, deedicatioon, devoutness... roomaancee... blaaa *glomps chu*
I moaaan and blush like an anime girl ._. .. probably >_>
I'ma Tad'a crazy to make me that much more fun~! ... or mabi there'z a method to mi madnezz, MUAHAAHEHEA
if yu is superficial baka that cares about anything outside of "loyalty" or "personality", dieeee!! in gazolinee11! ima burn yee11! luv defiler!!1

raep is sadz, yu steel virginiityy, and it's not yurss, nuu, put it back where chu found it D:
buuut, ther'z a gud kinda raep.. luuv raeep! it'z when you raep (force) yur beloved into pleaasure~
It starts with a heaartbeat, thy visage is so stunning, my heaart revs up~
I ride the heaart rhytm, Jooy, Ecstaasy, A smiile, so innoocent, yet so twisteed~
In awe of you, getting drunk off just desiiring you~ What a wonderful feeling... I'll make you have it too!
Hai ther. We're all snuuggled up now o: !
I'ma juust ... put my one of my legs between yours.. Yeesh ish comfyyy...
Yu dun mind pushing my leg a bit further in, right~ Right up to the thiiighs~
Myeshh, chu thighs shall warm my thighs too..~
D'aww, izzat too intimate for yuuu~ Too baaaad, I'll raaaeep yuuuh~
And Imma kiss yuuuh, and gently teease yuuh, rub at chu baaack~ hold chu clooose~!
D'aww, murr, purr, our two crootches are pressed firmly on one-other, I can feel your exciitement, and you can feel miinee~
Lemme sink into your neeeck, cuz you're so melty and sweet, I hava-ta-have a tastee~ *nomlick*
Dun mind if I fidget some, ruub mahself on chuuu... and since we's a tighta snuggie, rub my privaaates against yuh privaatees some more~
D'aww, I'll get you so steeamy, and moaaany, and squiirmy, and poouuty~
It'd make for the beeest snuugles evaar!
And I'll keep teaasing you over and over, for hoours, you'll quiiver, and shiiver~
Spread out some, and clamp slightly tightly on me~ Latch on, cliiing~ chu heaart opens up, and chu desiire meh mooore~! <3
You want relief? Too bad, None yet~! I'll keep you like this, keep you drunk on this luuusty desiire... 'till you go maaad~!
And we'll do this every day and every night~! Togeether, just the two of us~! Foreeeeeeever!
And then we-l... ooh what chu doing, is chu raepin meh for release? cyoot, chu ish raepin' meh. =w= *moaan*bluush*spluurt*
Purr murr n stuff of fluff!
Dear gosh this is so steamy @[email protected]
So letz handcuff me to you, and you to me, destroy the key, so we can never be apart, ever~!
D'aww, did you get all steamed up? For a twenty-one yeeah' oold?
Well das' cyoot, you wanna mahe my luv antenna peek out of the tent so you can rub sum luv on it? >w>
Mhm *nod* I'm sure it's pretty receptive, fully able to give and receive luv~!
Obvioously, luv meaans bein together forever, just us~ No one-night stand booolsheyt!
Ofcooourse I's sluuutty, duh! How else would I be able to consumaate my looveer's love every day @[email protected] you'll be so aching for mooore~! <3
Buuut I'm sluuuty juuuust for yooou~! Assuming you can make and keep the TruLuvPromise >w>
Uhh... I'z LooveSmeexual! If ther'z luv, I'd pleasure it till it cuums a hundred times~! <3
If yu has a love rod, Ima rub it so geentlyy.. >//< .. A cuunny? I'ma make it soo weet~ x//x
I'd do aanythinng I have to, to pleease my looveer... And I'd deeeply enjoy iittt, hn~! <3
Hoold you on the edge, for hoours... And make yu peek over and over~! <3 <3 <3

Dear Babe Happy Valentine's Day? Baby it's about too be a month in one day i can't believe we made it this far im extremely excited? You make me so fricking Happy God u make me blush ur so adorable sexy cute sweet handsome hot kind hearted Daddy I'm seriously in love with you? u treat me so sweet you call me gorgeous and it makes me blush so much and ur moan?? God xD baby you make me happy I wanna meet you so bad!! God I'm lucky too have you in my life I'm so Happy were together now tysfm for being here for me baby happy Valentine's day?

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