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Hey boys imma just present myself imma friendly 1v1r ... I try not to get too big in this community cause I like slapping known people that's why I have this random gt and I won't change it cause , it's working , as your reading this your thinking to yourself oh he's a random well hello there man I'm right here waiting for you to challenge me .
I lost my shot back in 2014 now I'm just washed up
I'm known in the French community
Held rank 1 in my province (Quebec) for 2 years on bo2
yes I speak French , I'm trilingual , I speak Arabic aswell
I never really played with the English community that much so that might be one of the reasons you don't know me and yes I have a shitty mic deal with it
I mostly play bo2 but I'll play some cod 4 here and there
Highest piece is a 83 on bo2 an cod4 is a 42 piece (I don't go for newgen)
when my shot is on I'll be hitting constant10-15s so don't get mad and always say gg
when I loose to someone who I know is better then me I'll accept the loss
So last but not least I'm Egyptian (I live in Canada)and I'm a bodybuilder if you have any questions concerning fitness I'll be more then happy to answer them ???
I usually don't have beef with anybody in this community unless you can't take a loss
peace guys and have a great day

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