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Envy Is Bae
Hyriphy Is Bae
Vesla Is Bae
Cersy Is Kinda Bae

Was gud fam I'm Galena or Chris and I'm a pretty chill dude if you don't start shit, but even if you do I'm most likely just gonna ignore it and say GG. I'm down to help anyone with any problems they encounter on LB or with a player. If you think a person is cheating or has an unfair internet advantage over you, you can message me on Xbox or PM me and I can gladly neutral host for you and your opponent so I can monitor the game and make sure the game is fair.

I'm hoping to become a Ref soon and eventually a Mod because I don't like seeing a great website like LB get ruined by players that report false scores or harass other players.

If you want to play me feel free to challenge me any time but not on Express, Hijacked or raid.

You can contact me on Kik:stuffonstuff
Ill most likely be able to answer in a day and assist you from their.

Now you may stop creeping and reading my Bio and have a good day!

Also Penguin GanG 4 LiFe

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