About Me

Former 1v1LB staff member from Feb 2016 - July 2017

Known as "720", a PS3 BO2 1v1er

I started 1v1ing in November 2009, on MW2. Several years later, I eventually went to BO2 1v1ing in 2014. Then, started competing on 1v1LB in 2015. I am the OG PS3 1v1er, SeVeNTwenty.

LB Career:
▪️3 time Hall Of Famer
▪️Most wins from a PS 1v1er in 1v1LB
▪️Highest global ranked PS 1v1er in 1v1LB
▪️Finished rank 1 in three consecutive seasons for BO2
▪️Season 5 Rank #1-BO2
▪️Season 7 Rank #1-BO2
▪️Season 7 Rank #1-MW2
▪️Season 8 Rank #1-BO2
▪️Season 11 Rank #1-BO2
As of Season 12, my goal is to reach rank 1 on the global rankings.

In 1v1LB, I play randoms. Outside of 1v1LB, I play the best.
Know your rules before playing me.
False dispute a match? Haven't lost one in 2 years.
Talk shit to me? Defeat me first.
Scared to play me? Don't expect an accepted friend request.
I'm all ground game and have a high piece of sixteen.

Social Media:
▪️Kik: seventwenty.
▪️Twitter: ST1v1s
▪️YouTube: SevenTwenty

Au revoir. :)
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