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PS3 Moderator

▪️Highest ranked PS3 player in 1v1LB
▪️Finished rank 1 in three consecutive seasons for BO2
▪️Hall Of Famer
▪️Season 5 Rank #1-Bo2
▪️Season 7 Rank #1-Bo2
▪️Season 7 Rank #1-Mw2
▪️Season 8 Rank #1-Bo2
Since Season 9, I focus mainly on wins

▪️Opened to some friendly games so hmu whenever and I'll try to get online sometime
▪️Add me with a reason; I get too many random friend request for no reason
▪️Contact me through PM or social media if you have any questions or concerns
▪️I will be on Playstation 3 every weekend

Social Media:
Kik: 720LB
Twitter: ST1v1s
YouTube: SevenTwenty
Seven Canada
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    266 - 51
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