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people who have faked games on me
Simplicity/Simply trapz/oSpxwnz/King Traps

By far the best AU 1v1r on this website and highest AU globally ranked

Kik- nG_Viperr
Discord- nG Viperr #4792
Snapchat- morlin (msg who you are and I'll accept)
Skype- nG Viperr

oRLDZ/ Buddy is my Xenoverse 2 duo challenge us if you dare ;)

Former rank 1 for MWR ( North America and European) and Infinite Warfare
Former rank 6 BO2 season 6
Former rank 2 BO2 season 12
This is and will be my only lb account

LW: iTz HoVa/ King HoVa x2

BTW everyone says i hit people offline that is a lie i don't have the tools nor the knowledge to do so, so please stop saying i hit :)

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9b-d4u0zwmuXOzg1hp-I0g this is my channel, feel free to sub, drop a like etc etc :)

i have latest win on these people: is cold asf/ scream qs/ jiua xi x3, Nuksa, Baytowncowboy, Galtei x2 in his prime hahaha, Volkzei, oHeesy, KING HOVA x2 (sit you bitch ass down), Gustavo10, Oh Veteran, Scrubzei lll, Drxgon jr, Obito IIV, SwaagJawhnsin,Clout,xZapzei x3, instaswap, ihatejoshuav, Vukle, The trapper, constant 30s, Napom, simplicity/King Traps and so much more ;)

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