About Me

Motto: Im Just Playing The Game..
Goal: Prove Myself And Become A Moderator

I Love To Help Out, I Used To Run A LB But This One Caught My Eye And I Love It And Want To Help It Grow.
Im A Youtuber And I Run The 1v1Lb Instagram If You Need Help Navigating The Site Send Me A Message I Will Be Happy To Help.

Former Rank 1 ST (BO2)
Former Rank 6 NT (BO2)
Former AeRa @21k
Former Purify @0.2k

I Feed And Trickshot And I Love Meeting New People
I Dont Talk Trash About People Unless They Make Me.

Im Starting To Play 4R Again I Dont Take 4R Seriously But I Do 4P
Im Starting To Like To Camp :) Its Funny.

Its True. No matter who i play i get nervous before every match like shaking nervous but i have learned to deal with it that why my shot is so shaky tbh.

i only play 4 types of games
x3 Nuketown
x1 Raid x1 Nuketown x1 Carrier
x1 Nuketown x1 Raid x1 Nuketown
and when no one accepts challenges i play x1 Nuketown that people have put up in match finder

Stop Asking Me to play 4P.
Im not scared to play anyone but i dont picture 4P as just a game on witch it really is.
4P is for me to play people i highly dislike. only sometimes do i play 4P games with CLOSE friends but i dont post them. i keep them and brag to them xD love my fam.

I Dont Care If You Approve Of My Fam. You Can Slob. <3
Fam Currently:

" I Have No Friends... Kms"

Alex :Quote: 'Alex is a legend' i know right funny as his height. Whos ever heard of a 6 foot asain? tf

NAHKRIN = Nirkhan = exposed

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