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Hello, I'm Odahviing, but you can call me Jason. Welcome to my profile page. I am from Vancouver Island, Canada. My favourite things to do are Fly fishing, hunting, mountain biking, and hiking. I always say GG after a match. Im also a really down to earth guy so hmu if you want to play:) i will also neutral host for you if you ask.

Im a all ground game 1v1er, so if you want to play FFA ill play any map but Nuketown. If you want to play Nuketown it will need to be Hardpoint Radar off.

I'm HoF material!
-Hall of Fame Ground Game (Top1v1s.tk) (BO2)
-Former Rank #1 Raid
-Former Rank #1(BO2) (x3)
-Former Rank #1 MW2 (x5)
-Former Rank #1 MW3 (x4)
-Former Rank #1 BO1 (x2)
-Former Rank #1 BO3 (x1)

-Current #1 MW2 (1-7-2017) Season 10
-Current #1 MW3 (1-7-2017) Season 10
-#1 MW3 (12-4-2016) Season 9
-#1 BO1 (12-1-2016) Season 9
-#1 BO3 (12-6-2016) Season 7


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