Modern Warfare Remastered | Xbox One | Pro League Trial | #1

This tournament is FREE TO JOIN for any 1v1LB player signed up on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on Xbox One. Winner of the tournament receives $20 cash prize. Alongside the cash prize, 1v1LB will be inviting top performers in this tournament to an exclusive league called the "Pro League", consisting of scheduled weekly matches against other elite competitors, livestreams and free edited videos of your gameplay from the 1v1LB Editing Team, your very own custom artwork and logo to represent you as a 1v1er, and huge rewards upwards of $100+ for placement in the playoffs at the end of the Pro League Season. You can read some details about these tournaments here. Matches begin Saturday by 8 PM Central Time. Best of 3 Games. Standard MWR Rules apply. Higher ranked player receives privilege of first pick.

Bracket Details

Players: 8
Game: Modern Warfare Remastered
Console: Xbox One