Black Ops 2 Hardpoint Tournament Finals
Shoutcasted by Vodcaster

Uploaded on October 25, 2015

Watch Bovu battle it out in an intense match up with Hxrcules in the Black Ops 2 Objective Gametype Tournament Finals. Presented by director VODCaster.

Itachi 1 year ago

I knew hxcrules wouldn't let bovu win bovus shut at this game

Sazuro 2 years ago

aha :)

Zapsi OG 2 years ago

Cool now rank 25!!!

Rein__Gooberz 2 years ago

It was a good video, I really wish they uploaded more to here. :/

2 years ago

Very nice video. I cant wait to see more content on 1v1LB TV.

iNacs 2 years ago

Voice still god like.

DariuL 3 years ago

Another great cast.

Hugzei 1v1r 3 years ago

its glitched for me and all it does is skip

Achilles 3 years ago

This was sick Vodcaster!